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Pranajeewa herbal supplement - 60ml

Rs. 400.00
US $4.00

Pranajeewa is a traditional herbal medicine that has passed down from generation to generation. It is over 200 years old and is a proven cure for many kinds of diseases including Heart disease, Diabetes, hypertension, Cholesterol and Cancer. Sethsuwa Pranajeewa's miraculous properties has made it the ideal cure for a multitude of other ailments and conditions, known among them are paralysis, Asthma, Catarrh, Skin diseases. The traditional Sethsuwa Pranajeewa oil was discovered by Ven. Waga Gnanaloka Thera, a descendant of a family of indigenous doctors who used it to cure his patients’ ailments. The recipe, it is believed, was obtained from an Ola leaf inscription passed down from generations.