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Hospital ICU/CCu BED (BA 9900-WA2)

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Integrated with Weighing Scale & Bed Exit Alarm System

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* Digital Weighing Scale with segment LCD display and control panel on the foot board
* Zero scale function
* Bed exit alarm system
* Nurse lock and nurse control located at foot board
* Nurse lock to lock out total or individual function of control buttons
* Backrest side rails with embedded control buttons
* Quick CPR release lever for flattening the backrest located at both sides of the bed
* Auto contour function to avoid patients slipping down while performing cardiac chair position
* Hi-Lo, Backrest, Kneerest, Trendelenburg and Reverse trendelenburg by electrical motorized
* Backrest with X-Ray radio translucent base complete with X-Ray cassette holder tray
* Split fold down PE safety side rails with one hand operation
* Four high-quality 150mm diameter Tente twinwheel with central locking system
* PE head & foot boards with locking mechanism for easy attachment, detachment and can be cleaned easily
* Perforated mattress base
* 6 provisions of IV pole
* IV Drip pole storage
* 2 provisions for monkey pole
* 2 Drainage bag holder provided
* Steel bed frame with scratch and chip resistant baked epoxy powder coating