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Product Details

Router TE-RO 1255 E

Rs. 19580.00
US $0.00

  • Depth adjustment with turret stop
  • Precision depth adjustment with exact twin-tube guide
  • Electronic speed control with powerful motor
  • Infinitely adjustable cutting depth
  • Clamp Ø8 mm and Ø6 mm
  • Parallel stop, compass, copy sleeve
  • Spindle lock for easy tool change
  • High stability for changing the tool
  • Plastic insert protects the workpiece surface
  • Chip shield
  • Soft grip
  • Cable clip

The TE-RO 1255 E router is a high-quality, powerful tool for experts to tackle the most challenging routing jobs in solid wood, plywood and particleboard. The routing depth is easy to preselect using the turret stop and can also be exactly adjusted using the precision depth adjustment facility. A chip shield provided additional protection. Using the electronic speed control, operation of the router can be adapted with optimum effect to the particular requirements of the material and cutter used. For quick and effortless tool change there is a spindle lock, while the well-balanced design lends the tool good stability. The clamp creates flexibility by permitting the use of cutters with a shaft diameter of 6 mm or 8 mm. A plastic insert on the foot protects the workpiece surface Thanks to ergonomic soft grip handles the router is both pleasant and secure to hold. And when work is done, the power cord can be secured by cable clip and the tool put away neatly with a twist of the hand. Compass, parallel stop and copy sleeve round off the scope of the delivery.